The Shamanic Journey with Janet Whittington

August 18th 1:00-5:30


The Shamanic Journey is an ancient sacred method used to visit other worlds and connect with the beings who inhabit them. The Shamanic world view includes the ordinary world where we spend most of our time, as well as an Upper World and a Lower World. (The Lower World has no relation to hell, which is not part of the Shamanic reality.) In my experience, including these worlds in one’s understanding and experience of reality enriches life in the ordinary world, and makes available insights and guidance beyond what we can find in our daily lives.

In this workshop, you will learn to do the Shamanic Journey safely, effectively, and ethically. You will leave the class with a plan for continuing your practice so that it can inform and enrich your everyday life.

Prior to learning shamanic healing, Janet Whittington worked as a Master’s level mental health, and marriage and family therapist in various settings, including in-patient and out-patient facilities, with a psychiatrist in private practice, and in her own practice. She began studying shamanism in 2006, and has travelled to the Amazon to learn from the jungle shamans.  Before that, Janet had a decades long practice of Eastern meditation and study, which significantly influence her work and teaching.

Advanced Reformer with Elizabeth Wilkinson

September 15th 2:00-4:00pm 


Explore the Advanced work on the Reformer in this special two hour workshop. Elizabeth will lead you through a vigorous Reformer warmup, and then breakdown some of the more advanced exercises, transitions, and Reformer choreography. We'll save time for questions, so come prepared to ask about any exercises that you want to work on. 

Prerequisite: Intermediate to Advanced level on the Reformer, no serious injuries.