Awaken Your Anatomy with Shae Bryant

This 4 part workshop series is curriculum of the official WBP Teacher Training Program and is also open to any Pilates student/teacher who wants to radically deepen their understanding of anatomy in movement. Over these 4 workshops we will explore the entire body as it relates to our Pilates practice and what we really need to know as Pilates teachers to keep our clients injury free. Not only will we focus on the muscles, terms, and actions, but we will cover ‘how’ the parts of the body work together as a system of movement. You will gain a substantial foundation of knowledge from which insight and inspiration will ignite both your personal and professional Pilates practice. These workshops are ideal for Pilates teachers, apprentices, enthusiasts, and students of all levels. Handouts Included. Shae will provide all books and tools, however, if you have a favorite anatomy book/deck of cards, etc, then please bring along to share with group!

Awaken Your Anatomy: “Starting with the Skeleton”

Sunday, September 9th 10:00am - 1:00pm

$60 *10% off for WBP Members

This 3 hour workshop will jumpstart your anatomy journey, think of it as Anatomy Orientation 101. We will begin by learning the necessary directional terms, aka "anatomy language," that will be necessary to proceed forward in your study. Once you have your bearings we’ll dive in and explore in-depth the Skeletal System of the body - the Bones. This workshop will be interactive and explorative with lots of guaranteed aha moments as Shae will unravel the majesty of your body for you. Expect to be inspired!

Awaken Your Anatomy: “The Pilates Powerhouse”

Sunday, September 9th 2:00pm - 5:00pm

$60 *10% off for WBP Members

This 2nd workshop in the series will probably be the most exciting as we unravel the mysteries of the abdominals and back, which Joseph Pilates termed “The Powerhouse." Without an in-depth look at these muscles from an anatomical and functional perspective, it’s much harder to access them in our bodies, much less have the ability to explain it to a student! To properly fire the core muscles is a skill learned over time and this workshop will drastically assist your discovery of what it’s like to move from your core! Just because you are taking a Pilates class or doing a Pilates exercise doesn’t mean you’re necessarily moving from the correct muscles - but after this class you’ll be much closer to Pilates perfection! 

$20 off for both workshops. Call (615) 454-4995 to receive discount.

Advanced Reformer with Elizabeth Wilkinson

September 15th 2:00-4:00pm 


Explore the Advanced work on the Reformer in this special two hour workshop. Elizabeth will lead you through a vigorous Reformer warmup, and then breakdown some of the more advanced exercises, transitions, and Reformer choreography. We'll save time for questions, so come prepared to ask about any exercises that you want to work on. 

Prerequisite: Intermediate to Advanced level on the Reformer, no serious injuries.