Make this your year. There's no better way to start off the year than committing to yourself, and carving out time for your self-care. Join the January Challenge to kick-start 2018 with daily movement, so you can feel your best. See what a Pilates practice can do for you, to feel stronger, longer and more connected to your mind, body and spirit.  

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What to Expect

Start with a one-on-one session with a highly skilled Well Body Pilates Teacher, to conduct a thorough fitness assessment and set goals. Your teacher will help you come up with a plan to achieve the results you want. Take 5 Pilates Equipment or Mat Classes per week for 4 weeks, take a deep breath, and enjoy the benefits of Pilates. Complete the Challenge and get a special prize. 



We are here to help. You'll get email support from the Well Body Pilates staff and access to a community of teachers and practitioners to help along the way. Be a source of inspiration for others by using #createalifeofmovement on Instagram.



New to Pilates? We've got you. Been doing it for years? We've got you, too. Choose from our diverse class schedule to find the level you need, and mix it up with specialized classes so you'll never get bored. We offer a full range of classes, including Reformer, Pilates Fundamentals, Jump Board for your cardio kick, and Circuit Classes to take your workout beyond the Reformer. 


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Not a member yet? Join for the Challenge for one month at $250. Let's get started on this year of Movement!