Intro Package

3 Individual Sessions for $180

The Intro Package is designed to give you a real idea of what we do at Well Body Pilates. You may be wondering what Pilates and Gyrotonic are all about, and this is your opportunity to find out how these methods will change your body and your life! Your teacher will conduct a thorough Fitness Assessment to help you solidify your goals and develop a personalized workout plan, enhancing your current program, or helping you to create it from scratch. The Intro Package is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the equipment before moving on to a Group Class.

Individual and Duet Sessions

Work one-on-one or with a partner with a Certified Pilates or Gyrotonic Teacher to maximize your experience. Your Teacher will help you identify imbalances and create a workout program tailored to your specific needs and goals. Individual and Duet Sessions are a great compliment to Group Classes, especially if you are new to Pilates or dealing with injuries or conditions requiring modification.

Single Session $75 Individual/$55 Duet (per person)
10 Sessions $720/$520

Group Classes

We strongly recommend completing an Intro Package before starting a Group Class program

Reformer Pilates classes utilize the Pilates equipment and props in a small-group setting. Your teacher will guide the class through a sequence of carefully selected exercises to provide an intelligent, full-body workout with an emphasis on connecting to the core and working from the smaller deeper muscles that we use in Pilates. The equipment provides resistance and support to take your body further than it can go on it's own to build strength, improve balance and increase flexibility.

Jump Board classes are taught on the Reformer, with a special attachment that allows you to jump while lying flat on your back. This class is more fast-paced and aerobic than traditional Reformer classes, with the same attention to proper body alignment and form. Jump Board classes are a high-intensity workout that combine cardio elements, stabilizing movements, and flexibility training to kick your Reformer workout up to the next level.

Single Class $35
10 Classes $320


Well Body Memberships

Maximize your workout by committing to a monthly program of Group Reformer Classes and Individual Sessions. These memberships are designed to help you develop a consistent Pilates practice, in order to track your progress, rework your goals, and get the best results possible. All Members get Priority Booking for Reformer and Jump Board Classes. A three month contract is required for all Memberships.

4 Individual Sessions/Month $280
8 Individual Sessions/Month $544
12 Individual Sessions/Month $780
Unlimited Classes + 1 Individual Session $250

5% Discount for purchasing multiple Memberships.

Please note: class size is limited to five people, in order to provide a safe, effective learning environment.  Be sure to sign up online to reserve your spot!

All Classes and Individual/Duet Sessions are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy.