Four Group Classes + Personal Wellness Consultation $79*


Reformer 1 - Sculpt

New to Pilates? Start here. Move through a carefully crafted Pilates sequence with an emphasis on core connection, breath and form. Learn transitions that will make your workout feel like a beautifully choreographed dance, while maximizing body-sculpting movements. Open Level.

Reformer 2 -Fit

Want to try out some of those pretty Pilates moves you’ve seen on Instagram? We’ll build on the Pilates principles you learned in Reformer 1, using props and more advanced exercises to increase challenge. Functional fitness focusing on core strength and kinesthetic awareness leading to increased strength and tone. Retrain unbalanced muscles, initiate the core, and build strength. Prerequisite: 10 classes or Private Training

Cardio Core

Kick your workout up a notch and get those endorphins flowing with this high-energy experience. This is an intermediate level class that offers a contemporary style of Pilates training. Get your blood flowing by warming up your core and improving your stamina as we move through exercises and put your mind and body to the test. This class incorporates jump board and precise moves to challenge balance, coordination, and control. Caution: You are likely to break a sweat. Prerequisite: 5 classes or private training

Tower Mat

This class uses the Pilates Springboard, an innovative wall mounted piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. The springboard is based on Joseph Pilates’ Cadillac and was refined and developed by Ellie Herman. Your teacher will take you through a warm up, multiple core strengthening exercises, a variety of arm and leg spring exercises, and standing lunges and squats. Many of the exercises will feel familiar to those with Mat Pilates or reformer experience, with plenty of new challenging and fun repertoire. Open Level

Roll and Release

Mobility with Stability. That’s what this Pilates thing is all about! This Reformer based class focuses on articulation in the spine, hips and shoulders, while finding a deeper core connection. We’ll end with some myofascial release and self massage on the foam roller. Great for releasing tension from the stresses of daily life, like sitting, chasing after little ones, and driving. You’ll leave feeling totally stretched and relaxed. Open Level

A.B.A: Abs, Butt, Arms

Want to feel the burn in all the right places? This Reformer class uses targeted exercises to sculpt your body where you want it the most. You’ll focus on toning your abs, sculpting your arms, and lifting your butt. Triple threat is ideal for anyone who is injury-free and looking for an intense workout that gets the job done. Open Level

Pilates Boot Camp

Pilates bootcamp is a twist on traditional pilates combining endurance, cardio and strength training. By working your muscles to a state of exhaustion, you'll stimulate muscle renewal and gain a deeper sense of strength. This class will leave you feeling the burn without any bulk. Open Level

Please note: class size is limited, in order to provide a safe, effective learning environment.  Be sure to sign up online to reserve your spot!

All Classes and Individual/Duet Sessions are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy.